Worship Team Application


Please submit 2 audition videos, one fast song and one slower song, from the song list below. Record at least 30 seconds of yourself singing/playing. Don't overthink it. These videos are just to get a rough idea of your musical ability. Once completed, upload your videos to YouTube or Google Drive and copy and paste the links to each song at the bottom of this application. See song list below, by instrument:

Vocals (Male)

“Egypt” (Bethel Music, Cory Asbury) - “Same God” (Elevation Worship)

Vocals (Female)

“We Praise You” (Brandon Lake)


"What I See" (Elevation Worship) - "Too Good To Not Believe" (Cody Carnes, Brandon Lake) - "Firm Foundation" (Cody Carnes)


"What I See" (Elevation Worship) "Make Room" (Community Music)

Electric Guitar

“Same God” (Elevation Worship) “All Hail King Jesus” (Bethel Worship) - “What I See” (Elevation Worship)

Acoustic Guitar

“Firm Foundation” (Cody Carnes) - “Glorious Day” (Passion) - “We Praise You” (Brandon Lake)

Piano / Keys

“Fresh Wind” (Hillsong Worship) - “Same God” (Elevation Worship) - "Firm Foundation" (Cody Carnes)