Below is the list of projects for Vision 2022. We hope you will join us in reaching our financial goal of $75,000 to invest in the ministries here at Valley Vegas Church!

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Vision 2022 Projects:


Facelift to green room/upstairs conference room
New couches for Cafe 3:16
Sound improvements to video recording space
Additional security cameras
New carpet in sanctuary and office
Storage cabinets in warehouse
Total $27,200


Upgrades to Livestream hardware
New instrument software upgrades
New computers for video and audio editing
New cameras for Livestream and social media
Total $35,000


New carpet and paint in nurseries
Play area improvements: LEGO and magnetic walls and new toddler's play structure
Build new projector screen frame
Total $3,800


Table games - air hockey table / ping pong table / foosball table
Upgrade to new soundboard, speakers, microphones and ear monitors
Acoustically treat worship area
Total $9,000

Grand Total:

Let us know below if you have any questions about Vision 2022.