Summer Internship

The Summer Internship is an exciting 8 week program for anyone who wants to learn the behind the scenes of Tech and/or Worship Ministries in the local church.

Internship Vision:

The primary goal of the Worship & Tech Summer Internship is to identify, equip, and mobilize individuals who will humbly and skillfully serve to fulfill God’s purposes for the local church. This internship program will aid in the overall vision of the Valley Vegas Tech & Worship Ministries through mentoring, training, and providing experience to individuals interested in the inner workings of the ministry at Valley Vegas Church (VVC).

The purpose of the internship program is to offer a broad scope of exposure to Christian ministry with practical experience in a local church setting. Our hope is that both the intern and church body would be mutually-edified throughout this program.


Although the internship will be flexible to address each intern's overall vocational goals and aspirations, the Summer Internship will provide insight and direction in the following areas as they relate to worship/tech ministry - worship leadership, team leadership, technical skills, pastoral and personal leadership training and development of personal relationship with the Lord.

This program will give interns experience in a variety of areas:

• Worship service planning
• Working with a worship team
• Working with a tech team
• Executing a worship service (from worship and pastoral to the technical aspects)
• Administrative responsibilities
• Pastoral responsibilities
• Worship Technology - sound, lighting, visuals
• Leadership development
• Investment of personal relationship with the Lord

Application Process:

After reviewing the materials and prayerfully considering the opportunity to serve as an intern at VVC, individuals interested in applying for the internship may complete the online application at the bottom of this page. Following a review of your application, the Worship & Creative Arts Director, Loren Prothero, will contact you to set up an interview. If you have questions about the internship and the application process, please contact the church office at (702) 254-2251 to speak directly with Loren.

The ideal internship candidates:

• Male/female between the ages of 18-30.
• Is humble, teachable, dependable, available, and able to work with a team.
• Carries a verbal and visible testimony of faith in Jesus Christ.
• Possesses an interest in Christian ministry as a vocational calling.
• Desires to grow in his/her calling in worship leadership or technical understanding/leadership.
• Affirms the mission/vision/doctrinal beliefs of Valley Vegas Church.

Internship Schedule:

Duration: begins Tuesday May 24th, 2022. Ending date TBD.
Hourly requirements: 15 hrs weekly.

Personal weekly schedule:
• Tuesday: 1 - 5pm (4 hrs)
• Wednesday: 1:30 - 8:30pm (7 hrs)
• Thursday: 9am - 1pm (4hrs)

Program Expectations:

Your obligation as an intern:
• Serve VVC under the authority of the pastoral staff & leaders.
• Attend all necessary rehearsals, services and meetings.
• Complete any necessary internship assignments.
Our obligation to you:
• Provide a quality discipleship and mentorship experience.
• Provide opportunities to grow in worship and technical leadership abilities.
• Give hands on experience in a local church ministry setting.

Program Objectives:

At the conclusion of this internship, our hope is to have provided meaningful ministry experiences in a variety of areas as they relate to worship and tech, vocational insight that will help each student in his/her future calling, valuable mentorship by the leadership of VVC, opportunities to develop relationships within the worship and tech teams, and a significant investment in a local church body.

In addition, interns can expect to receive:

• Video footage of the intern leading worship to use when seeking employment with a church.
• A letter of recommendation and evaluation from the Worship Director, Technical Director, or Campus Pastor.
• A certificate of Internship Completion.
• All books and materials acquired during the program.


Is the internship paid?
There is no financial compensation for participating in the internship.
Will I be responsible for purchasing materials or books for the internship?
No, all required reading texts and materials will be provided at no cost to the interns.
Do I have to attend Valley Vegas Church while serving as an intern?
Although you do not have to be a member, it is expected that an intern will fully invest in the ministry of VVC throughout the program.
Will there be opportunities to lead a worship service?
Yes, depending on the intern’s abilities and desires, we will work towards service leadership. In addition, an intern will have weekly responsibilities of playing/singing on the worship team as well as working alongside the technical director to execute services in the lights/sound/visual aspects.
Do I need my own transportation to/from the church?
Yes, it will be best that all interns be able to coordinate their own travel.

We prayerfully consider all applicants and look forward to receiving your application! Complete the form below to be considered for the Summer Internship!

Internship Application