Dig Deeper Into God's Word


Valley U provides access to a comprehensive Bible training curriculum for Christians who have a desire to further their walk with Christ, those considering ministry, involvement in leadership, and/or preparing to become a pastor.


• To meet the academic needs for Christians who want to "grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."
• Provide a graded curriculum of course work that will help direct Christians through the steps in Christian growth.
• Issue certificates to students for completion of course work and unit studies.

Available Courses
Beginning Thursday September 8th

Sunday 1:00PM - Doctrine 106-110 - Jon Carpenter - Upstairs

Sunday 1:00PM - Ruth - Logan Dickson - Cafe

Thursday - 5:00PM - Foundations - Jimmy Cunningham - Cafe

Thursday - 5:00PM - History - Jon Carpenter - Upstairs

Thursday - 7:00PM - Salvation Doctrine - Jon Carpenter - Upstairs


If you would like more information about Valley U,
please reach out to Jon Carpenter at ‭(702) 596-3388‬, or use the form below.